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    Marcelle provencial, Jon Scheyer, Marcelle Provencial’s husband, is currently the head coach of Duke University’s men’s basketball team. Jon has a history with the organization as a former player. Marcelle has obtained the necessary medical license to practice in the United States of America. They met in college and married later. Marcelle’s meteoric rise to fame is largely due to her marriage to renowned coach Jon Scheyer. Her business prominence also contributed to her success. Her upbringing in a beloved neighborhood, nurtured by her parents, Russell (father) and Alberta (mother), can be attributed to her joyful personality.

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    How old is Marcelle Provencial?

    Marcelle Provencial (35 years old as of August 2023) was born on September 15, 1987, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In the world of basketball, Jon Scheyer is widely regarded as a legendary figure. On August 24, 1987, he was born. Illinois can be proud of one of its most accomplished basketball players. He is also regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

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    Marcelle Provencial’s wedding

    While attending college in North Carolina, the couple first met. Despite being a key contributor for UNC, Marcelle was no match for Duke’s all-star, Jon Scheyer.

    Despite the intense competition between their schools, their romance began to blossom. Only immediate family and friends were invited to their wedding in 2017. They have three children and have been married for over six years.

    Despite setbacks, such as Scheyer’s season-ending eye injury in 2010 that resulted in a tear in his right retina, the couple grew closer. Following his surgery, Jon was heavily reliant on his wife Marcelle for encouragement and support, and it was because of her that he was able to fully recover and return to basketball.

    Marcelle Provincial’s education

    Marcelle received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Florida State University in Tallahassee, a city known for its educational opportunities. Marcelle Provencial studied nursing at Florida State University.

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    FSU’s nursing program has a solid reputation for providing students with the education necessary to succeed in the nursing profession. The curriculum is intended to provide students with the well-rounded education required for a rewarding nursing career.

    Marcelle Provincial’s career

    Marcelle Provencial graduated from Florida State University as a certified nurse. She began a nursing career after graduating from college. She is a registered family nurse in Durham with over a decade of experience in the medical field.

    Marcelle’s professional path has taken her to Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s cardiac intensive care unit, where she has dedicated her skills. She has also worked at Rush University Medical Center. Her focus within the Women’s Wellness Clinic is on the well-being of expectant mothers and new mothers, demonstrating her dedication to healthcare.

    Marcelle Provencial’s net worth

    Marcelle’s net worth and salary have not been revealed. Jon Scheyer, her husband, has a net worth of $5 million. His success as a professional basketball player is a result of his hard work and dedication on the court.

    Jon Scheyers wife’s social media

    Marcelle maintains a private Instagram account. As of September 4, 2023, she had 709 followers. Jon Scheyer, her husband and the father of their three children, has over 64,200 Instagram followers. He has 69,900 followers on his Twitter (X) account.

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    Marcelle Provencial has been married to her husband, the basketball team’s head coach, for many years. They have three kids. Her husband, the well-known basketball coach Jon Scheyer, was instrumental in bringing her to public attention.

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