Pocket Option and effective trading strategies

    Pocket Option is a popular online trading platform for financial markets that provides convenient tools for portfolio analysis and management. There are various strategies for making money on Pocket Option, but among them you can easily find the right one.

    Earning Strategies

    Basic strategies for making money on the platform:

    Moving average strategy.

    This strategy is based on the moving average indicator , which is one of the most popular market analysis tools. It shows the average price over a certain period of time. In this strategy, speculators use two moving averages. You need to specify a different period, then wait for the intersection. If the shorter average period crosses the longer one towards growth, the asset should be bought. Otherwise, it is recommended to sell the unprofitable product.

    Stochastic oscillator strategy.

    Stochastic Oscillator  is another popular indicator used in trading. It shows how close the current price is to the high or low for a certain period of time. In this strategy, traders wait for the %K line (fast line) to cross the %D line (slow line) from top to bottom, and vice versa. If %K crosses the second line upward, it is recommended to buy the asset. Otherwise, it is better to get rid of it.

    Technical analysis strategy. 

    The method is to compare known historical data regarding the asset’s price and trading volume. It is used to predict future price movements based on past data. In this strategy, traders use various technical analysis tools such as charts, indicators and patterns to determine when to open or close a position.

    News strategy.

    The news strategy  is based on using economic news and events to predict price movements. This strategy is especially useful for traders who follow news and economic events. Traders look for news that may affect the market and try to predict what direction the price will move after the news. For example, if data on GDP growth is released, this may lead to an increase in the price of shares of companies associated with that country or region.


    Regardless of the chosen strategy, it is important to remember the risks and not forget about the principles of money management. Pocket Option provides extensive trading opportunities and supports various strategies, but each trader must choose the strategy that suits him best.

    John Harvey
    John Harvey
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